My husband and I found Nickel City Funding purely by happenstance. We found ourselves looking for a new home unexpectedly. I googled mortgage brokers and found Chris and his team. They made the entire process easy and stress free. I've never dealt with anyone who was more professional and responsive, even when he was on vacation. They will handle all of our financial endeavors in the future as well. Without question! If you're looking for a team that will meet all of your needs look no further than Nickel City Funding.

Audrey DeMaria

My wife and I recently purchased our first home through Nickel City Funding and it could not have been easier. The whole process was very streamlined and really reduced the stress of the home buying process. Tim and his team were very professional and helped us get the best rate and the best options for our mortgage. I would highly recommend.

Tyler Minnick

As a real estate agent it's SO important to have a dependable lender on your team. Nickel City has continuously worked their magic and made dreams come true time and time again. Chris and his whole team are wonderful. Not only have I referred several clients their way, I have also personally used them for my own refinance and I couldn't have been happier. Chris is very down to earth and keeps the lines of communication open. He's never ignored a phone call or question. He always makes sure I had all the information I need during each step of the process. I will continue to refer Nickel City Funding as my first choice lender long into the future!

Jennifer Jakubec

I just closed on my home & worked with Chris at nickel city funding! Chris & his team were in constant contact with me through the process & honestly made this very easy for me as this was my first time going through the mortgage process. Chris worked so hard to make sure I had the lowest interest rate possible, I can't imagine how many hours he put in & how frustrating that all is going back and forth with lenders. Him & his team were amazing & I can't thank them enough! We love our first home!

Julie Piazza

Tim Gleason and his associates Gamila and Colleen did an awesome job helping me get into my home. Tim found me the best rate around and also went out of his way to make sure i was able to keep my low rate when it ended up taking a bit longer than anticipated to close... Tim and his team were very patient with me (first home buying experience).. i know i asked a lot of dumb questions but he was always super cool and patient and answered any and all of my questions kindly and informatively. i highly recommend using Tim Gleason/Nickel City Funding. They will make sure you get the absolute best deal and get you into your dream home asap!

smashley potato

Chris Vassallo was awesome to work with. He made it so easy to understand the process as a first time home buyer. He did everything quickly and efficiently and most importantly he offered the lowest interest rate. I will continue to recommend Nickel City Funding to everyone. I cannot thank you enough Chris!!

Val Crane

I wanted to reorganize my finances but had become self employed full time within the last year and a half. Although my credit was sufficient, this presented a unique situation. Michael Fleischman was able to put together a scenario that allowed my credit history and business financial stability to overcome my change in employment status. This was a very creative approach that was successful in every aspect. Not many brokers would put the time and effort in as Michael did. The closing was effortless. I would highly recommend Nickel City Funding for putting together the best deal possible.

rosemary keenan

Chris and his team were incredibly professional, experienced and personable. Chris consistently maintained open communication with me, and provided a clear and concise explanation of each step along the way. He made the entire process easy, and I was able to close without any issues. I highly recommend Nickel City Funding!!

Sarah Denny

My wife and I used Chris and his team from Nickel City Funding for the purchase of our house. They were nothing but professional, responsive and always accommodating. In short we will always use them for any of our finance needs. They made this process simple and more importantly stress free! Thank you Nickel City Funding for helping us to purchase the home of our dreams!!!

Richard Petersdorf

Nickel City Funding got me the best deal out there for my mortgage, they beat everyone I spoke with and were very straight forward and answered all my questions. They also hit the closing date and there were no delays at all! I got very lucky and would recommend them to anyone I know.

No Disintegrations

Everyone at Nickel City Funding was amazing throughout the whole process of buying a home. Chris, Gamila and the whole team made every step of the way smooth and easy going. Their support throughout an exciting yet sometimes stressful period made this a great experience for myself and family. I would HIGHLY recommend Nickel City to anyone looking into buying a home or refinancing! Thank you Chris and Gamila!

Nadare Alwan

Chris and Colleen were extremely helpful during one of the most stressful times in my life (process of buying a house). They were always ready and willing to answer any questions I might've had, to which there were many. They got me an amazing rate which was too good to be true, except it wasn't because I closed on my house and everything is finalized. I was skeptical with working with them at first because their rates were vastly superior, not even close, to the two other reputable companies I got rates from. My future rental properties I will be using them and recommending to friends and family.


Brian and his team were very helpful with financing our mortgage for our home. I was referred to Brian and Nickel City Funding from multiple people and they did not disappoint. Brian was very responsive and informative with every inquiry we had and secured us the best rate possible.

J Jones

Nickel City Funding served my clients at the highest level. Everyone was super professional and got the job done quickly and efficiently. When interest rates are high in Nickel City Funding went low. I highly recommend reaching out to this place if you are looking to buy a home and get a mortgage.

Walter Mysiak

Chris and his team went above and beyond to help us finance our new home! We could not have asked for a more diligent, educated, informative, and persistent team! I would absolutely recommend Nickel City Funding to anyone looking to purchase a new home!

Carrie-Anne Kirkland

I had a fabulous experience with Nickel City Funding just a few months ago. Matt and the team were very upfront, thorough, extremely knowledgeable and available to answer all questions throughout the buying process. I highly recommend Nickel City Funding

Michelle Bullock

I just purchased a house and let me tell you, having a trust worthy lender is extremely important. I worked with Brian Traky. The way I operate is having all the tasks of what I need to do to get to the next level. He right off the bat gave me the checklist of the documents I need to input into there docusign program. He kept me very informed of the stages that the process was at and what was to come next. I have sent Brian point of contact to all my friends and family. I have many subordinates underneath me that can apply for the Veteran Affair and Brain is very familiar with VA home loans. This company is very Military Friendly.

James Kerr

As a real estate agent and client, I worked with Tim Gleason, a mortgage loan officer. He was very friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. His team worked with me to answer all my questions and get me the best mortgage rate. I highly recommend working with Tim Gleason from Nickel City Funding.

Keri Mack

My fiancé and I went through Nicole city and had the pleasure working with Matt and gamila. Even though the process didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped on the sellers side Matt and gamila kept us so informed and let us know the step we were in and what was going on. Originally our interest rate was on the high side and with Nickle city our interest rate dropped down almost 2 points! Would recommend them to every single person looking to buy a house!

Alexis Gaines

Chris helped so much during this time. Every time I stopped into the office he walked me thru every step of the way. He even helped me set up auto pay with the lender. I am going to refer everyone I know to Nickel City Funding. Thank you so much!

Sohel Ahmed (Babu)